About Us

Innovative Fragrances is a reliable source for all of your fragrance needs. Operating from our 10,000 square feet Georgia facility, we have over 50+ years of combined expertise in the fragrance industry.

We serve small specialty companies to large manufacturers and have earned a solid reputation as a fragrance supplier for personal care, candles, soaps & detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, household, industrial and institutional products.

Innovative Fragrances has distinguished itself as a leader in fragrance duplication. Turning your imagination into reality, we construct the scents that set the tone for your product to reach new heights with "creativity, scent-sitivity and style".

The key to our success is customer satisfaction. We are attentive to customer requests and respond accordingly, providing desired fragrance scents, duplications and creations based on your requirements and needs.

With expertise and genuine personal interaction, our staff provides specialized customer guidance in fragrance selections and product assistance. Furthermore, we lend constant support for the duration of our relationship with you.

Let our professional and knowledgeable staff show you what we can do for you!

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